Am I A Candidate For Upper Cervical Care in Glen Carbon?

There are a number of signs upper cervical chiropractors in Glen Carbon may look for to determine if an accident or injury has created imbalances in your neck. If these imbalances are negatively affecting your health, you are considered to have an upper cervical subluxation.

Assessment criteria may differ in individual offices based on doctor preference and training. Some typical signs of subluxation include temperature asymmetry or muscle imbalances in your neck and body, a long or short leg, a high or low hip, uneven shoulders, or twisting in your body’s posture.

Our Solution

Once significant and consistent abnormal findings have been established, an upper cervical chiropractor will take precise x-rays to measure the severity of the misalignment.

Using an individual’s unique findings, the doctor will calculate the appropriate intervention necessary to return the structural imbalances back towards normal.

What to Expect

If the findings indicate that you have an upper cervical subluxation/injury, your doctor at Upper Cervical Health Centers in Glen Carbon will put together an individualized plan which will allow your body the time to stabilize and recover.


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