Chiropractic Care Help with Digestion in Glen Carbon

Chiropractic Care Can Help with Digestion Problems in Glen Carbon

Chiropractic Care Help with Digestion in Glen Carbon

Modern medical research has demonstrated vital links between digestive health and the immune system in Glen Carbon, heart disease, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions.

It may seem strange that with all of our advanced medical technology that digestive problems, ranging from moderate to severe, seem to be so common. In fact, in the developed world, digestive diseases such as IBS, Crohn's disease, and diverticulitis, are indeed on the rise.

While the causes for the increase in digestive disorders is likely multifaceted and influenced by a range of changes such as post-industrial processed diets, sedentary lifestyles, and the over-sterilization of our environments, what is absolutely clear is the strong relationship between a healthy gut and overall wellness.

Many people are starting to understand that the digestive system is a critical part of overall health. If you are seeking to improve your digestion or get to the root of persistent problems such as constipation, diarrhea, or abdominal pain, it may be time to consider consulting with a Chiropractor.

The Relationship Between Digestion and the Nervous System in Glen Carbon

One of the most direct ways that Chiropractic care may have a positive impact on your overall digestive health is to make sure that your nervous system, which controls the vital components of your digestive system, is functioning properly.

The Upper Cervical Spine or neck, houses and protects the most important parts of the nervous system called the brain stem. The brain stem controls and coordinates virtually all of the vital functions of the body, including the digestive system. Even a very slight misalignment in this area can cause common digestive problems and symptoms, including:

  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea and Constipation
  • GERD
  • IBS
  • Abdominal pain

In fact, improvement in overall digestive health is only one of several non-musculoskeletal problems that chiropractic patients have reported significant gains from after chiropractic treatments. As the nerve center of your body, and the vital connection between your organs and the brain, proper spinal alignment is a critical factor in overall wellness.

If your digestive issues happen to be related to subluxations (otherwise known as misalignments) in the spine, it is likely that they will be missed by traditional doctors untrained in identifying and correcting the delicate network of nerves, bones, and cartilage that makes up the spinal column.

On the other hand, consulting with a Chiropractor gives you the peace of mind that this important potential cause of persistent digestive problems can at least be ruled out. Using advanced imaging technology, modern Chiropractors make use of high-tech diagnostics designed to get to the root causes of many ailments that extend beyond back and neck pain.

Treating the Cause instead of Drugging the Symptoms

Modern traditional medicine, and the profit drives of pharmaceutical companies, have become intimately tied. With the emergent opioid crisis now playing out in the United States, the role that these companies have played in pushing their product on doctors using high-pressure tactics and even deceitful marketing campaigns has become a matter of public record.

However, this is just the latest in a trend towards masking symptoms with drugs rather than treating the underlying causes of our health problems that have been going on for several decades. Making matters worse, the drugs used to mitigate symptoms can not only mask underlying health problems, they often cause the body to compensate and seek out new homeostasis, creating an ongoing dependency on symptom treating drugs.

When it comes to digestive health, many commonly prescribed drugs can negatively impact the entire system. For example:

  • NSAIDs - Commonly prescribed or bought over the counter for pain and inflammation, this class of drugs has long been well known to cause serious digestive problems, particularly with prolonged use.
  • Heartburn Medications - Designed to treat the problems associated with elevated stomach acid, these medications not only have dangerous side effects, but they also force the body to a new balance point, making them very difficult to stop taking, and potentially making the underlying cause of the problem worse.
  • Antibiotics - While there is a time and place for this important medication that can help the body fight off bacterial infections, antibiotics continue to be over-prescribed by traditional doctors. Unfortunately, while they are effective at killing “bad” bacteria, antibiotics also destroy the gut flora that is critical for proper digestion. In some cases, doing permanent damage to digestive health.

By focusing on the body as a delicate and interconnected system, Chiropractic Care offers patients a treatment plan based on identifying the cause of their digestive problems, rather than masking the symptoms or making the problem worse with a “drug first” approach.

Chiropractic Care: A Holistic Wellness Approach

If you or one of your family members is suffering from digestion related problems, consider consulting with a Chiropractor for another medical perspective that takes your overall wellness into account.

Remember: The nervous system and your digestive tract are not completely independent systems.

The proper functioning of digestive organs such as the stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder and other aspects of your digestive system work hand in hand with the nervous system and require proper nerve communication with the brain and endocrine system. Neural pathways and the hormonal responses involved in “cueing” the digestive system to function properly are interconnected.

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Our holistic approach to wellness includes using the latest in imaging and diagnostic technology and the most advanced micro-adjustment techniques to make sure that your nervous system is working towards your overall health, not against it.


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