Migraines – Manage or Overcome Them?

Overcoming Migraines

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When you have migraines, the number one question on your mind is usually “How do I keep this from ever happening again?”  If you’re thinking that, you’re certainly not alone.  It is estimated that over 38 million Americans suffer from migraines.  What presents a challenge is that the actual cause of migraines is still not fully understood.  This leads to some level of guesswork or trial and error when it comes to treating and managing migraines.  Many times, doctors will recommend various medications for a period of time and continue to change or tweak dosages and combinations until they find something that starts to work.

When a person has this condition, their likelihood of having associated illnesses increases.  These comorbidities, as they are called, can make managing a migraine even more difficult.  Some common comorbidities with migraine include depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, and epilepsy.

Going Beyond Symptom Management

Upper cervical chiropractic focuses on the upper part of the neck and the correction of specific misalignments that occur as a result of head or neck injuries.  When a misalignment happens in the upper neck, it can lead to changes in nervous system function, blood flow, and cerebrospinal fluid flow.  This can cause a variety of symptoms and can contribute to the onset of migraines and other types of headaches.

Understanding that a problem with the alignment of the upper neck can actually be causing your migraines—having that corrected can lead to the relief that you’ve been looking for.  Rather than just covering up the symptoms temporarily, restoring normal spinal alignment can have much longer lasting effects.  Having the alignment of your upper cervical spine checked, especially if you have a history of injury, is extremely important in determining the underlying cause of your migraines.


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